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Cares Outreach Program

What are the roles of each Executive in the ABO outreach program?


The role of the President is to establish working relationships with coaches, teams, sponsors, and the like to raise awareness on our outreach initiatives.


The role of the Chair is to support the President in all initiatives in regards to events, social gatherings and the like.


Our goal is to provide support to at risk amateur boxers and retired indigent fighters abroad. We are dedicated improving communication and relationships in the sport we all love and respect.


Leeroy Murphy

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                            ALAN SANTANA                    



Being in the fight game for over forty years, I thought that is was the perfect time to write a book to educate young athletes on the dos and don'ts of any sport, be it boxing or baseball, when entering into the professional ranks, as well as the business side of it. I have seen too many professional athletes make millions of dollars, only to wind up completely broke in many cases after their respected careers are over or, in some instances, even before they are over. In today's world of sports and business, you need to be educated on the many details that you do not get taught in the portals of higher education. The waters are infested with sharks who are looking to take advantage of many young athletes when it comes to finances and sports; it has been this way, especially in boxing, since the dawn of the sport. Unprotected will give you the insight and vision that you will need to navigate your career in a direction that will protect and educate you, so that you do not wind up as another professional athlete who makes the national news of going broke. All my best to you as you read this book, and may you be blessed no matter what endeavor you path that you choose in life.


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