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Independent Ranking

Topeka, Ks


May 15th

      John Cantrell vs Brandon Carmack 

         American Boxing Organization

   Heavyweight Championship 

       8 rounds

Supervisor: Dominique Alexander

Independent Ranking: ~

Winner John Cantrell via MD


Epic Promotions

May 25th

     Andre Lambe vs Dereck Paklos

         American Boxing Organization 

  Super Welterweight North Championship 

   8 rounds

Supervisor: Bermuda Boxing Commission

Independent Ranking

Winner: Both fighters did not make weight

Galveston, Texas

El Tigre Promotions

June 1st

Symari Alexander vs Robert Silva

American Boxing Organization

Crusierweight Championship

6 rds

Winner: Robert Silva UD 6rds 

Shelbyville, KY

Eskridge Promotions

June 15th

Selassie Bay vs Rodrigo Lopes Rodriguez

American Boxing Organization 

Welterweight Champion

6 rds


Scheduled American Boxing Organization ABO bouts subject to change & commission approval

compliant with FTC and State mandates.

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